Temporary Body Art

Face Painting
Face painting is the traditional temporary body art that has stood the test of time and is perfect for any birthday, carnival or fete. Idea for a wide range of age groups, it instantly creates a party atmosphere as brightly coloured faces start appearing throughout the event.

t ricks face painting service entertainer face painting service

Glitter Tattoos
Glitter Tattoos are all the rage and it’s no wonder when you see their dramatic effect! Children, teens, and adults all enjoy these painless and trendy tattoos. They are perfect for birthday parties, hen parties, weddings to name but a few events!  Since they are also waterproof, with proper care they can last up to 7 -10 days!

entertainer glitter tattoos service t ricks glitter tattoos service

Airbrush Tattoos
Airbrush Tattoos are applied with an airbrush gun and are the most realistic temporary tattoo available and sometimes it’s difficult to tell it apart from the real thing! The airbrush paint has been formulated by a qualified cosmetic chemist, and all ingredients used are cosmetic and food grade material being of a non-toxic nature.

With a wide variety of colours and stencils to choose from, there is bound to be something to please everyone at your next event!

entertainer airbrush tattoos service t ricks airbrush tattoos service

Mr.t.ricks is fully insured and uses only professional quality makeup specifically designed for use on the body.

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