Party Tips

Organizing a party can be very stressful. Hopefully the following tips will help you avoid the normal pitfalls…

How long should the party be?
Keep the party to a maximum of 2 hours, that’s more than enough for most kids.

The guests
Don’t invite more children than you can handle! Aim for a maximum of 25 – 30 children if the party is in a hall. At home, 15 is more than enough. Avoid wide age ranges; if you are doing something for the younger children the older ones will get bored and vice-versa.

The Entertainer
If you’re going to hire an entertainer for your party, phone and book him early, good entertainers like Mr.t.ricks get booked up well in advance. If your child wants a Disco, Get a DJ who is going to entertain the children with fun games, and lead them in the party dances. Don’t get one who will just set his gear up and then stand behind it and play music. If the children aren’t being entertained, they wont dance and they’ll just run wild round the hall. I know, I’ve arrived at many a party where, for the first part, they’ve had the “stand behind DJ” complete with frantic Mum trying to control the children.

I haven’t put any examples here as entertainers fees vary from dirt cheap to expensive, Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the best, and as for dirt cheap, ask yourself, “why does he have to charge so little to get work?” Find out what you’re getting for your money, ask him/her to go through the timetable for the party. Do the kids get balloon models? What does he do whilst they eat? etc.

Value for money
To get the best value for money from an entertainer always ask  your guests to arrive 10 minutes before the party start time, The party will then be able to start on time and the children will enjoy the maximum amount of games/show time, and none is lost whist your child welcomes their guests and receives their presents.

Who’s who?
It’s a good idea to put name stickers on the children so that both you and the Entertainer know who they are. Children are also easier to control if you use their names.

The venue
Show your guests where you are! Secure colourful balloons outside the venue to aid lost parents and the Entertainer. Make sure there is ample parking CLOSE to the venue for the Entertainer; he will have props to unload.

The games
Keep the games simple. Try to avoid elimination games, and arrange for any prizes won to be put safely to one side till home time. Believe me it saves a lot of tears.

Food & drink
Keep the food simple, and don’t get carried away, Mr.T.Ricks has seen many a table still topped up with leftover food at home time. Consider preparing individual meals in advance.

The entertainment
If you’ve hired an Entertainer like Mr.T.Ricks you want a good show, The following tips will ensure that the Entertainer can give his best performance. In Mr.t.ricks experience it is best to have an Entertainer for the final hour. When the children arrive at the party they are excited and want to play. After they’ve eaten, they’re more likely to sit still. Also, if the Entertainer is going to give the children balloon models, it’s easier on you if they get to leave as soon as they get their balloons, before they get a chance to pop it! If the Entertainer is still there he can replace it, but If the Entertainer is on at the start of the party, you got to try and take the balloons off the children until home time. If they pop it once the Entertainer gone, I’m afraid it’s going to be tears at home time for the child that now hasn’t got a balloon.

Please do not distribute, squeakers, whistles or balloons etc. It only takes a couple of noisy characters to spoil the enjoyment of the majority. It’s also not a good idea to offer the children food, sweets and drink during the show. It causes a distraction and the children won’t be able to participate while clutching ice-cream or cola. Use the show as a time to quietly clear the table, but remember leave the furniture till the end, you don’t want to cause unnecessary noise. Please clear any toys away before the performance.

Toddlers don’t understand what’s happening at a party so to avoid accidents please ensure that any toddlers are kept clear of the games and performance area. They can very easily get trodden on. Mum or Dad’s lap is the safest place.

Photographs & video
Most Entertainers have no objections to your taking photo’s or videos of the magic show; after all it’s your child’s birthday. But think about the Entertainer before proceeding. Don’t distract the audience from the performance, and avoid the performance area. Magicians especially will not be impressed if you start wandering behind them during the show. Talk to the Entertainer before the show and he will indicate the best photo opportunities, and where he doesn’t wish you to stand.

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